Texas Poker Jackpot on Socre88poker

hdwallpapers-free.comTexas Poker Jackpot on Socre88poker. The Texas poker or Texas Hold’em is a type of poker, a game played with cards. In the beginning, two cards are given to each player with its face down and after that five cards are distributed whose faces are on the upside. Every player is given subsequent cards to create the best set of cards. The third, fourth and fifth card is called the flop, the turn, and the final card respectively. After that, each player has to have the best card hand of 5 cards to win the game. Traditionally this game is played with 4-5 players sitting around a table, but with time from the table it has shifted to digital tables, and the players sometimes do not even know each other. Online Texas poker has the same rules as traditional poker, and the winnings are also the same.


You can play taxes poker online at agen poker domino. This is an online gambling platform, which along with poker has many other games that can make you rich. Working from Indonesia, the team of score88poker has developed a jackpot system for their users.The rules and regulations are:

Firstly, you need to buy a jackpot which is available on www.score88poker.bid. These bids are ranged between 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 rupiah.After completing any one of the mentioned set of cards, you are eligible to win the amount. The card conditions are:

  1. Full House: Your card and the middle card lying on the table makesa total of seven cards equal to the value of value cards. These should have one three of a kind and one pair.
  2. Four of a kind: The middle card and your card along with the seven cards should have a value equal to the five cards. They should have the combination of four cards with a similar number and one other card.
  3. Straight Flush: Here, your card and the middle card have the value of five cards and the cards are in a straight set of the same
  4. Royal Flush: The royal flush is same as straight. The only difference is that the number should start from the number 10.
  5. Super Royal Flush: If two of your cards and three cards on the table make a royal flush, then it is called super royal flush.

The prizes are in multiples of the money with which you have initially bought the jackpot seat.